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The reason I’m making this blog is because I feel strongly about the critically endangered animals that we could lose in our lifetime, the fact that the next generation might miss out on seeing or knowing about some of these species is worrying, like my generation did for the Javan Tiger. My aim is to raise awareness of this issue by focusing on a number of animals on the endangered species list. It is my hope that gaining public attention through my work, will inspire positive steps towards combating this ongoing problem.

Animals biased on the WWF's Top Ten Critically Endangered Species (http://www.wwf.org.uk/news_feed.cfm?3618/Ten-to-watch-in-2010)

Please note: This blog is for research and personal development towards a final piece for my University project.

Friday, 12 November 2010

finishing...to be continued

These are my images in colour. i will be painting the backgrounds as i like the paint brush quality, then screen printing the images over the top with possibly 1or2 screens depending on time. NEXT IS TO DEVELOP THE TYPE, and what i am going to say for each of them.